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Simplifying Religion

Will Religion Survive? Should It?


It's no secret that younger generations are leaving organized religion in large numbers. Their exodus speaks loud and clear to the fact that there is a

generational divide today that spans all faith groups.


Not many people have wanted to tackle this issue because of its difficult, often touchy subject matter, but that didn't stop author Ed Galisewski from jumping in with both feet. He reached out to those walking away and bluntly asked them why. And, thankfully, they bluntly answered him. Simplifying Religion covers six of the most divisive issues uncovered by these conversations that drive the conflict between Boomers and Millennials and fuels the exodus from religion.


Simplifying Religion is for all generations, from Boomers to Gen Zs. Ed hopes to bring the generations back together by finding common ground through honest dialogue and good will. Please be a part of the solution: Read this book, talk about it, and pass it on to those in your religious circle, especially those who are struggling to stay engaged in their current spiritual community, or those who are finding themselves increasingly alienated from a family member.

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A Simpler Faith

Are you planning to leave your church family? Maybe you'd like to, but you feel stuck. You're not alone-millions of people, especially men, are fleeing their churches or mentally checking out.


Ed Galisewski offers a witty, hard-hitting view from the pew as only a "Joe Palooka" from Jersey can. Ed pulls back the curtain on the divisive nature of denominationalism and spiritual abuse in many churches and encourages leaders and lay people alike to return to the simple gospel of faith

in a Creator, Savior, and Guide.


He says you might even need to take a temporary break from church while you heal and reconnect with God. But don't stay away-when you're ready,

reconnect with a faith community and bring a simpler faith back to the Church.

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