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Simplifying Religion

Removing Barriers | A Must Read!
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My Story

Some say I am a real life "Joe Palooka"- a BIG, good-natured guy.  I have been in men's ministry leadership for over 20 years and have ministered to thousands of men over that time. I have been in and out (and in again) of church, learning to overcome my own struggles with my faith, all while still loving the body of Christ. 

My wife Lynette and I have two children. We are enjoying life here in Colorado and still growing as parents and now Grandparents. What our children don't realize is, we parents are still growing and struggling with our faith along with them. It will be a part of us until we pass and then we will finally get our moment of clarity.

My Books
My Books

Simplifying Religion


"Simplifying Religion has removed barriers for me to talk with my family about the difficult issues surrounding religion. It's a powerful tool for providing common ground to start conversations. The world is different now than it was for my parents and this book provided a path for discussion what that means for our beliefs." 


age 31

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